How To Have More Success Keeping Water Well Pumps Maintained

26 October 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Having a well system on your property means you're responsible for it 24-7. That may seem like a lot of responsibility, but it's not so bad when you carefully maintain the pump. It's the driving force behind this entire system and you can keep it fine-tuned with ease using a couple of simple steps.

Take Time to Review the Anatomy

The more you know about the anatomy of your specific well pump, the easier it will be to care for parts because you'll know where they are and how they're supposed to act. Basic well pump parts might include piping, casing, seals, a motor, and a filter. 

Your pump might have additional parts and systems depending on how complex it is. Either way, get to know this particular anatomy well so that you can do a better job at maintaining this pumping system without wasting time.

Contact a Contractor for Wire Issues

Part of maintaining a well pump sometimes is tackling wire-related issues. The wires may be old and thus breaking down or a pest might have gotten into them and caused damage. These problems should be handled by a trained contractor who's up to speed on your well system and corresponding pump.

It won't take them very long to address wire-related issues and they'll also maintain important safety protocols the entire time. Having them work on a solution is key in verifying your pump's wiring is completely safe to be around long-term.

Keep a Close Watch on Pressure Tank's Condition

If you want your well pump only working when it needs to and thus being able to last a long time, you need to maintain the pressure tank. If the pressure tank is malfunctioning and having issues, such as the rubber bladder portion losing its structural integrity, then you could have a pump that always runs.

That's not ideal for your well system because it will probably lead to a pump replacement pretty soon. Monitor the pressure tank and make a note of any structural or performance issues that you notice. Then you can report them to the appropriate contractor so that they can respond and keep the pressure tank from suffering total failure.

A well pump doesn't have to give you a lot of difficulty, especially if you know how it's made up and maintenance steps that can keep you out of trouble. You need these insights in order to truly master a well pump's maintenance. 

For more information, reach out to a company that offers well pump services.