Residential Gutter Leaks — Repair Tips To Utilize

1 June 2023
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If you keep the same gutters on your property long enough, leaks can eventually happen. That doesn't mean you should immediately replace them and spend a lot of money. Here are a few repair tactics that can prolong their lifespan. 

Research the Cause of the Leak

The first step when repairing leaky gutters is to figure out where the leak is and determine why it developed. With these answers, you should clearly know what repair to complete and how.

For instance, if the gutter leaks from joints, you must adjust them to where they create a tight seal once again. Whereas if the gutters have holes, a patch is an appropriate repair.

All you need to do is perform a thorough visual inspection to see where water drips out of the gutter. You can then spot the issue and plan an appropriate repair before long.

Invest in Roofing Cement

Whether your residential gutters have holes or damaged joints, roofing cement is one of the best repair solutions. Roofing cement, made of ground asphalt, is powerful and should be enough to patch holes and cracks.

Just ensure you find roofing cement in a tube with a thin nozzle at the end. The design makes application easy because you can simply squeeze the cement product over the hole or crack. After the cement hardens, no more water should leak out around the same area. You can then monitor the repaired section to ensure the roofing cement did its job.

Repair Water Damage if Necessary

If you didn't immediately identify a leak in your gutters, some water damage may have already happened. In that case, repair it before or after you fix the gutters. 

Check out the damaged area and see what repairs are necessary. You might need to replace roofing materials or hire an expert to fix siding damage. Take as long as you need to figure out a repair that safeguards you from other issues. 

Also, acknowledge the possibility of hidden water damage after a gutter leak. You may want to have your home professionally assessed just in case there are areas with water damage that you can't find yourself.

If you have a gutter system on your roof that leaks, repair the issue as quickly as possible. Not only will that prevent significant water damage around your property, but it will also ensure your gutter solution moves water effectively when it rains.   

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