What Are The Benefits Of Ordering Transit-Mixed Concrete?

28 April 2023
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If you want to use ready-mixed concrete on a construction job, then you have to decide when your concrete is mixed. While you can order concrete that is mixed at your supplier's facility, you can also order a transit mix.

How does transit-mixed concrete work? Why should you use it?

What Is Transit-Mixed Concrete?

If you order transit-mixed concrete, then your supplier puts all of the concrete's ingredients in one of their trucks. These ingredients go in dry. They are usually kept separate from the water supply which will ultimately turn them into your concrete order.

In some cases, your concrete is then immediately mixed before the truck sets off. The truck's drum agitates the concrete to keep it in the right condition during its journey to your site. In other cases, the truck operator starts the mixing process when they leave and completes it during transit or when they arrive at your job site.

So, for example, your concrete will start mixing as soon as the truck leaves your supplier's facility. You choose whether it arrives in a part-mixed or fully-mixed state.

If you opt for a part-mixed supply, then your operator finishes the mix at your site. If you choose a full mix, then your concrete is ready to pour as soon as the truck arrives.

Why Use Transit-Mixed Concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is convenient. You don't have to mix concrete on the job. You simply order what you need, and it comes ready to use.

However, you do have to think about the condition of the concrete mix you order. If you mix concrete too soon, then it might not be in the best condition when it arrives.

For example, the mix might start to harden or lose its optimum consistency if your delivery gets stuck in traffic or if your truck driver has to travel a long distance to your site. You might have quality problems if you have job delays and aren't ready to use the concrete as soon as it arrives.

If you mix your concrete in transit, then you avoid these problems. You control the mix more effectively so that it arrives in the right condition.

So, if you know that you will be ready when your mix arrives, then you can have it fully mixed on its journey. If your job site is a long distance from your supplier's facility, then you can use a slow-holding mix and finish off the concrete when the truck arrives.

To find out more and to book a delivery, contact ready-mix concrete suppliers.