4 Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

3 February 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A well-maintained roof is aesthetically pleasing, protects against natural elements, and helps regulate indoor temperatures. However, your commercial roof may wear down over time, causing roof problems like leaks and energy losses that can increase your business's operational costs. Therefore, regular inspections by a certified roofer are essential to keep your roof in the best shape. With this in mind, below are the signs your commercial roof may need repairs.

Moisture Problems

Your roof may deteriorate over time due to age, prolonged exposure to weather elements, and corrosion, among other reasons. As a result, the roof may develop moisture issues as water penetrates the deck. Mostly, you are likely to notice moisture problems if you see water stains on your ceiling, wall discoloration, mold growth, and a sudden increase in humidity.

High Energy Bills

If you notice a spike in your energy bills without correlating to increased energy usage, your roof could be defective. This may result from high-velocity winds loosening the roofing material, making it detach from the underlayment. When this happens, conditioned air will escape through the tiny spaces, making your AC run constantly to attain the set temperature. Furthermore, debris build-up on the gutters can restrict water from flowing, resulting in ponds. This water may seep into the roof components over time, dampening your insulation. As such, your energy bills will increase as wet insulation is ineffective in regulating temperatures.


A DIY roof installation can lead to gaps in the shingles, where air or moisture can enter. The entrapped air will then expand during hot days, causing raised areas on the roof. On the other hand, the roofing membrane can deteriorate from normal wear and tear and develop voids that lead to moisture infiltration and blistering. If neglected, these blisters can rupture, causing holes that leak water. Thus, you should schedule commercial roofing services to reseal your roof and prevent deterioration from natural elements.


Heavy foot traffic and wind pressure can stress your roof, causing it to sag. Similarly, build-ups of snow or ice with excessive weight on the roof for long periods can lead to sagging. Note that a sagging roof compromises the structural integrity of the roof assembly, leading to expensive restoration costs. Therefore, you should hire a roof repair expert to replace the damaged components and restore structural integrity.

Roof defects can cause damage to your commercial building if you fail to address them promptly. Thus, you should schedule immediate repairs with a roof repair contractor whenever you notice any of these signs.