3 Reasons To Consider Getting A Tiny House While You're Waiting To Build A New Home On Your Land

7 December 2022
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If you own land but you need to save up money before you can build a house, getting a tiny house to live in while you save could be a good idea. While you could get a house on wheels, you can also build one on a foundation so it's a permanent home for your young kids to grow up in.

A tiny home may not be ideal if you have several children or teens, but if your family is small with young kids, you could maximize space and fit everyone inside while you save money to build a bigger house. Plus, if you have a large lot, your kids will still have plenty of room to play outdoors.

Here are three benefits of tiny houses

1. It Is Less Expensive To Live In A Tiny House

Since the house is small, you'll have fewer lights to burn. Plus, it will be less expensive to heat and cool a small space. Your utility bills should be much lower in a tiny house, and that means you'll have more money to put toward your savings for a larger home.

A tiny home is much less expensive to buy than a big house, so that saves you money too. You won't need to spend a lot of money on furnishings because you don't want to clutter your space. You'll have a simpler lifestyle that costs you much less to maintain than if you lived in a larger home.

2. A Tiny Home Can Be Placed About Anywhere

Since a tiny house doesn't take up a lot of room on your lot, you have more choices on where you'll place the home. You'll probably still need to comply with local codes about avoiding the easements and setback areas, but you still have options for placing the home where it will be out of the way when you start building your new house.

A tiny house lets you live on your property while the house is being built. You can even keep the house for later use by your kids as a game room or you could use it as a spare bedroom. You can keep using the house after your bigger home is built so you get a lot of value out of your tiny home investment. However, you could also sell it to get money to furnish your new home.

3. A Tiny House Is Easier To Maintain

If you live in a tiny home with a partner and a small child or two, you'll quickly develop good habits for cleaning house. A tiny house gets crowded if you let clutter build up. Cleaning a tiny home is like cleaning a single big room in a traditional house, so it doesn't take long at all to dust, sweep, and organize your house so it always looks nice and welcoming.

Even things like putting on a new roof or siding will cost less and easier on you since the house is small and it needs fewer building materials if your home is damaged by a storm or plumbing leak.