Remodeling A Barndominium Kitchen? 4 Tips For Great Results

30 August 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A barndominium is a great way to create a unique and personalized living space while saving time and money on upkeep for your property. But the interior design of barndominiums can be challenging. As you approach the remodel of your barndominium kitchen, here are four key tips to ensure success.

1. Embrace the Aesthetic

Each barndominium has its own unique features and aesthetics. Metal buildings have an industrial chic while pole barns bring rustic charm. Look for the strengths in your barndominium and use these as inspirations for the kitchen's own design. Incorporate architectural features like beams, windows, stairs, support columns, and more. Does it feature a tin roof? Use the colors in your design or add tin to the detailing. 

These are the kinds of details that separate your barndominium from standard houses. You can also incorporate inspiration from the barn's history, the property, or the way you use the other half of the building. 

2. Create Kitchen Structure 

Most barndominium layouts are open floor plans due to the large open space in which they start out. Open layout kitchens are modern and fresh, and they work well for today's families and entertainment styles.

However, do still give your kitchen workspace a sense of beginning and ending — a structure. Many open floor plan kitchens, for example, achieve this with a large island that turns a one- or two-wall cooking area into a recognizable rectangular room. Without some kind of physical structure, the kitchen could appear small, confusing, or hidden. 

3. Scale It Appropriately

Before planning your kitchen, consider the entire space as a whole. A large empty barndominium with voluminous unused space and a small kitchen for one will look strange and confusing. However, installing a large kitchen in a small loft will overwhelm it. Finding the proper scale can be challenging when you have a blank canvas — such as a wide-open barndominium — to work with.

4. Give It an Upgrade

Because you have so much flexibility with barndominium design, include a surprise upgrade or two. These could be radiant heat floors, a second sink, a bar, charging stations, or a statement stone island, for example. These fun additions draw people to the kitchen and give it a homey, personalized feeling for both special and everyday use. 

Where to Start

Most Americans haven't designed the interior of a barndominium before, so the best place to begin a big kitchen renovation is by consulting with an experienced contractor who specializes in kitchens. With their expertise and guidance, your barndominium will soon house the kitchen of your dreams.