Window Replacement Preparation Tips

6 July 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whether it is to repair damage or to simply upgrade the home, there can be many reasons for upgrading your house by replacing the windows. Whenever a window replacement project is planned, there are numerous planning considerations that need to be weighed.  

Prepare The Home Security System For The Window Replacement Work

It is common for security systems to monitor the windows for impacts and other forced entry. If your home's security system offers this type of monitoring, it will be necessary to disconnect this system from the windows prior to the start of the replacement work. Otherwise, the alarm system could be activated, and it may be possible for the sensors that monitor the window for these instances to be damaged. Fortunately, a window replacement project will not take very long to complete, which can help to shorten the amount of time that the home's security system is not fully operational. Once this work is completed, these sensors can be reconnected to the window to provide monitoring.

Clear The Interior Area Near The Windows That Are Being Replaced

The interior of the home near the windows that are being replaced will need to be prepared before this project can be safely completed. There will be large amounts of dust and debris that may be generated during the window replacement process, and this could get into the interior of the home. To make this cleanup as easy as possible, any items near the window should be moved or covered with a sheet or tarp. Additionally, the flooring near the window should also be covered. When you're having many windows replaced, this preparation could take some time, but it will make cleaning up after the window replacement significantly easier and faster.

Move Outdoor Furniture And Other Landscaping Decorations Out Of The Way Of The Contractors

Preparing the interior of the home is not the only step that you will have to take before the window replacement contractors arrive. The exterior of the home will also need to be prepared so that the contractors will have enough space to complete the replacement process. More specifically, any outdoor furniture, statues, or potted plants that are near the windows should be removed. If you are having windows on a higher floor replaced, you will still need to be mindful to clear the area on the ground near them as the contractors will likely need to use a ladder in order to reach the windows.