Basement Waterproofing: Why Is Your Basement Leaking?

22 June 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Have you noticed condensation, musty smells, and wet walls in your basement? If so, it means your basement has more moisture than it should. Sadly, most homeowners ignore signs of excessive humidity until they experience significant problems like mold infestations. However, dealing with a leaking basement urgently can help avoid exposing your loved ones and belongings to serious risks.

Therefore, call the basement waterproofing professionals when you notice any indications of leaks in your basement. The professionals will fix any cause of the leaks and waterproof the basement to future-proof moisture problems. Read on to find out the main reasons basements leak or accumulate moisture.

1. Presence of Cracks

Sometimes your basement may look fine but actually has minor cracks. Though these cracks may seem too small to cause problems, they are probably the leading cause of water in the basement. These cracks can be caused by various issues, from earthquakes to extreme heat.

Once these cracks form on your basement walls or foundation, they create perfect water pathways. Remember that the soil around your foundation can sometimes trap water from rain or snow. Gravity will then begin pushing this water down, creating pressure. As a result, this water will find any outlets to release this pressure. Therefore, if it finds cracks in your foundation or basement, it will push through them, flooding your basement.

2. Improper Ground Sloping

It is essential for the landscape surrounding your house to slope away from it. Such grading ensures water always flows away from the property's foundation. Otherwise, water will settle around your foundation when your landscape grading is flat or directed towards your house. Consequently, water will constantly pool inside your basement. You can prevent this issue by calling the experts to fix your landscape's grading. You also need to seek basement waterproofing services for further protection.

3. Issues With the Sump Pump

One important feature that each basement needs are sump pumps. Sump pumps are effective machines that ensure any excess water from the basement is directed away from the property. During installation, experts create a pit on your basement floor to direct any excess moisture to it. Once this pit fills up, the sump pump pulls and pumps this water out. However, various issues with your sump pump will prevent it from working effectively, causing flooding in the basement. For this reason, it is best to ensure the sump pump works effectively.

Basement flooding can lead to severe damages and losses. For instance, it promotes mold growth, which is a major health risk for your loved ones. Therefore, always keep your basement dry by hiring professional basement waterproofing services. The professionals will analyze any potential causes of basement leaks and fix them before they cause severe damage.