3 Reasons To Hire A Roofer To Repair A Leak

30 August 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When you see a loose shingle on your roof, you might be tempted to climb on your roof and fix it yourself. However, it is best to let a roofer make the repairs even if the damage seems minor. Here's why.

1. Roof Damage Is Often Worse Than It Seems

If a shingle is crooked or blown off, it may seem like the repair calls for putting on a new shingle. However, the damage might be much worse. If you have a steep roof, the rain might get on the deck and roll down a long way before dripping in your attic or falling in the gutters. It's difficult to tell how much of your roof has deck damage. You wouldn't want to leave a rotted deck alone or cover it up with new shingles.

When roofers make repairs, they're careful to look for damage that might be hidden under other shingles or rain that has leaked in the attic and caused a rafter to rot. This ensures there won't be any wet decking left behind to continue rotting when the roofer leaves.

2. Roofers Install New Shingles Properly

Shingles need to be installed a certain way to keep rain out and off of the deck. While it isn't difficult, if you don't know the proper procedure, you might leave an old nail hole open so water continues to drip in your attic. The roofer also knows the right type of nails to use, and the right adhesive to use if repairs are being done instead of a shingle replacement.

Being careful not to make mistakes during the roof repairs could mean the difference between repairs that last for years and an ongoing problem with your roof.

3. Roofers Know How To Work Safely

Roofers make it look easy to walk around on a roof because they have experience at it. If you only climb up on your roof every few years, you might not be steady on your feet when you're high off the ground. Plus, you need to be careful when climbing up the ladder and when working close to the power line that feeds your electrical panel.

Working on a roof is dangerous, and it may not be worth risking your safety to climb up on the roof yourself. This is especially true if you have a steep roof. Even roofers use safety devices when a roof is steep or dangerous to work on. Your safety is a good enough reason to call a roofing contractor when your roof needs to be repaired.