Commercial Roofer Guide To Improvements And Options For Roof Replacements

31 August 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When replacing commercial roofing, there are a lot of repairs that need to be done. Improvements that can be made when replacing your roof. These improvements can be made to the watershed to help reduce standing water problems or reinforcements for high traffic areas of your roof. The following commercial roofer guide will help you choose the right repairs and improvements when replacing the roof of your business:

  • Repairs for decking and structure—When you remove the old roof of your business, there are going to be problems that you need to deal with. These problems start with decking, which can be damaged due to water and wear. When replacing the roof decking, there may also be structural problems that have been caused by the extra weight of standing water. Sometimes, lighter roofing materials can be a good choice to reduce problems with weight and structural damage.
  • Updating roof drain pipe systems—The roof drain system will also need to be updated when replacing commercial roofing. These roof drains can be updated with wider pipes, more drains, and improved grates. Improving the roof drain systems of a commercial roof will help prevent problems with standing water, debris, and wear of the new roof. These improvements to the pipes can be a great way to ensure standing water does not cause problems with wear, damage, and reducing the lifespan of commercial roofing materials.
  • Improving watershed for better drainage—The watershed of commercial roofs is another aspect that you will want to consider. The watershed can be improved with layers of sheathing or spray foam beneath the roofing materials. These improvements will help direct the runoff from heavy rains to the roof drain systems. This helps to stop problems with standing water that can cause wear and structural damage due to the extra weight of the water.
  • Choosing to update asphalt roofing materials—There are also options to update the asphalt roofing materials of your commercial roof. These materials can be synthetic rubber-like materials, membranes, spray roofing, or green roofing systems. When you are planning on replacing a commercial roof, you will want to discuss some of these options with the roofing contractor for the improvements to your home.

These are improvements that you will want to consider when doing repairs for your commercial roof replacement. If your business needs a new roof, contact a commercial roofer and ask them about doing these additional repairs and improvements.