Modern Deck Railing Solutions To Complete Renovations And Repairs

7 August 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When you are renovating your deck, one of the features that you will want to consider is the railing. There are many options for modern deck railings to makeover your deck renovations with a new look. The following modern deck railing solutions are some of the options you will want to consider for your deck renovations:

Round Wood Rails With Iron Pickets

You may want the combination of traditional style and modern design for the new railing you install on your deck. This can be done with round rails at the top and bottom of the railing and metal pickets. The metal pickets can be traditional wrought iron materials, or you may want to use other metals for the pickets like aluminum.

Wood or Metal Posts With Cable Railing

Another option that you will want to consider is wood or metal posts to support cable railing. These railing systems look modern and are ideal for deck renovations. The cables are tensioned systems, which can give you the choice of the number of posts that are installed to separate railing sections. This can give you the option to install long cable railing sections without posts to interrupt views or the design.

Frameless Glass Railings With Balusters

There are also options for frameless glass railings. These railing systems are built with specially designed tempered glass and baluster systems that support the railings. If you are looking for a deck railing that blends in well with the contemporary architecture of your home, frameless glass railings are a great option for your deck renovations. The frameless glass can be clear for uninterrupted views, or it can be frosted and textured to give your deck area more privacy.

Glass, Metal, And Wood Railing Combinations

There are also options for combinations of materials to give your deck railings a modern design. First, you may want to make a pattern of different materials for separate railing sections. You can also use materials like round cap railings on glass or metal rails. Talk with a deck railing service about these different options to combine the different railing materials. These combinations of railing materials can give your deck a more custom look.

These are some of the modern deck railing solutions to consider for your deck renovations. If you are ready to complete your renovations and repairs with a new railing, contact a deck railing service and ask them about some of these options.