Waterside Guide To Docks And Recreation Features For Summer Fun

8 July 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have lakefront property, docks can be a great investment. When building a dock for your property, there are a lot of recreation features that you may want to add. These can include features like gathering spaces, slides, and diving platforms. The following guide to waterside docks and recreation will help you improve your property for summer fun.

Adjustable Docks to Always Be On The Water—The dock that you build for your property can include adjustable features. There are several options for adjustable features, which include:

  • Floating docks
  • Adjustable piers
  • Modular dock systems

These are the different options that you will want to consider to make your dock adjustable. With an adjustable surface at the water's edge, you will not have to worry about changes in the water levels. These features will help ensure your dock is always on the water and you can enjoy summer recreation. 

Boathouse and Deck Platform for Outdoor Living—The dock you build can also be a combination of spaces. To start, you may need a place to house a boat or other watercraft. These boathouses can have lifts and features to help you take care of your boats, as well as a rooftop surface for gatherings and outdoor recreation during the hot summer months. They can also include features like slides and diving platforms.

Slides and Diving Platforms for Waterside Recreation—The dock can also have features like slides, which are great fun during the summer months. In addition, you may want to add diving platform features. The slides and platforms can be a great way to have fun during the summer months. If you are planning on adding diving platforms, though, you may need to do dredging and add features to ensure the depth of the water is safe for diving.

Floating and Modular Dock Features for Your Property—There may also be modular features that you want to add to your property. These floating and modular features can be a great solution if you have a property where the water levels change frequently. You can remove the modular dock features during the winter months when they are not being used and when the water level changes, and you want to change the design of your dock.

These are the improvements and recreation features that can be added to your docks. If you are ready to start improving your waterfront property, contact a dock service, and talk to them about these improvements. Look for a local company that works on docks