3 Tips To Become A Concrete Form Pro

29 June 2020
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Concrete is a versatile material that is used in many ways within the construction industry. One of the more common uses for concrete is the creation of a home's foundation. Concrete has the structural strength and stability to support the weight of a home. Foundations are created using concrete forms.

Concrete forms can be tricky, but there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure the next foundation you pour comes out perfect.

1. Use the Right Boards

Concrete forms are essentially a series of wooden boards that are laid out in the desired design. The type of boards that are used can have a direct impact on the quality of the finished foundation.

You want to ensure that your boards are tall enough to prevent the concrete from spilling out over the sides. The boards should also be thick enough to support the pressure created by the concrete curing within. Choosing the right boards is critical to the successful creation of a foundation using concrete forms.

2. Space Stakes Properly

Once your boards have been laid out in the desired arrangement, you must secure them in place with a series of stakes. The placement of these stakes can influence the quality of the concrete that you pour within the forms for your foundation. The stakes offer added support that keeps your boards from buckling or bending under the weight of the concrete.

Be sure that you are placing stakes close enough to one another to prevent board damage. Maintain equal spacing between the stakes around the entire form to prevent any potential for the boards to move during the curing process.

Proper stake placement is an important part of the concrete process, and mastering this spacing will allow you to create a strong and solid foundation.

3. Fasten Stakes Properly

Once stakes are properly placed around your concrete form, you must secure them in place by fastening them to the boards. Connecting each stake to your boards will prevent the stake from bending or shearing during the curing process.

Always use screws to fasten your stakes. A screw can maintain a firm bond between stake and board when the weight of the curing concrete pushes against your forms.

Just be sure that you don't use screws that extend through your boards and into the concrete slab. This will weaken your foundation and leave unsightly screw indentations in your finished concrete.

To get help with foundation forms, contact a contractor near you.