How to Renovate the Old Stucco Home You Just Purchased

14 May 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Have you always had a special place in your heart for stucco homes? Maybe you grew up in a state like Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona that has its fair share of stucco homes.  As you were house hunting, were you lucky enough to find an older stucco home for sale that had a floor plan you really liked? If you are the proud new owner of an older stucco home, maybe you bought it with full knowledge that it would need stucco repair services.

Here's a look at the process and what to expect. 

Understand What Stucco Repair Services Will Accomplish

Unless you are ready for doing the major renovation project yourself, consider arranging for stucco repair services. Here's a short version of what the workers will probably have to do.

First, the contractors will make a total assessment of what needs to be done to make the repairs. Maybe there are cracks in the walls or entire chunks of the wall missing. Those damaged areas will more than likely need to be totally removed or repaired.

If the repairs are huge ones, then building paper, metal lath or wood might need to be replaced. Several coats of stucco repair mix will need to be applied and given the traditional finish.

It's probably also a given that the house will need to be totally repainted. If you like the original color of the stucco house, stick with that. On the other hand, you might want a totally different color; the repair service will show you the shades that are the most popular for stucco homes. For instance, you might want to change the original gray color of the stucco house to ochre.

Determine What Else Needs To Be Done In Your Remodel Project 

Since the house is an older one, there are probably other parts of the house that need attention. For example, the roof might need to be repaired or replaced. If this is the case, stick with the tile roof that is already in place. If you need to replace the roof, go with tile, even though it might be your most expensive choice. You'll get to choose a roof tile color to complement the color of the house.

What about the front door? Does it need to be repainted or replaced? Either way, think of painting it the same color as the roof. Doing that will provide contrast against the stucco walls.

Maybe there are wrought iron hardware as part of the front door. Are there wrought iron numerals on the front of the house?  If so, repaint or replace those items, too.

For more insight, contact local stucco repair services.