Do You Need Well Repairs On Your Land?

28 April 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Drilling a well should only be done by a well drilling service and ideally should only have to be done once on a property. However, many issues can warrant drilling services, and the sooner you recognize you have a well problem, the sooner you can repair the issue.

Do you need well repairs on your land? Do you simply need to have a well pump repaired or replaced? Use this guide to assist you. Your well drilling service company will assist you in all the well needs you have.

Your well pump is older

A properly installed and maintained well pump should last about a decade. Some well pumps last longer, particularly if they are not overly used or they are the proper size for the household they serve. An older well pump can be replaced at the same time the well is blasted for greater depth to make the entire well more functional and beneficial for your household.

A well can last up to three times as long as a well pump but will eventually begin to fail. Sediment over time can get into the water supply, or the well's casing can begin to crumble and crack and lead to water pressure or water quality issues. Your well drilling service company will determine whether you need a new well or if you can have the current well dug deeper to allow for better water allowance.

Your water pressure is poor

If your water pressure is increasingly poor or the water sputters when it comes out, your well is likely in need of repair. A common issue with wells is this: submerged wells have new water levels that are lower than the tanks, allowing the well pumps to pull in more air than water. This results in lower water pressure or even sputtering, air-filled lines. A quick inspection by well drilling services can help determine what repair measures need to be taken.

Your family home has gotten larger

The private well on your land was designed to meet the needs of your home based on square footage and family water usage overall. Adding onto your home or putting in a new high-capacity water heater or other water-using appliance may put stress on your current well. A new well can improve water quality and water pressure for your home; your well drilling service specialist will use your current well's age, condition, and other factors — such as the size of your lot and how much more well space you need — to determine what drilling services will work best for you.

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