Are You Getting Your Patio Ready For Spring And Summer?

16 January 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you enjoy the outdoors and especially entertaining in your outdoor patio, you don't have many weeks left before you can do that. It might be that you are using those weeks to beautify your patio. If so, from arranging for brick repair to making sure your patio furniture is in good repair, here are some ideas that might help you.

Brick Repair - Is the foundation of your patio made of bricks? How old are they? If your brick patio was constructed some time ago, maybe even before you moved into your house, the foundation might need to be repaired in order for it to look beautiful again. If you are a true do-it-yourself kind of person, then you might feel very comfortable making the repairs on your brick patio yourself. Otherwise, think of arranging for professionals to do the work for you.

Expert brick repair people will have the training and the experience to evaluate exactly what needs to be done in order to make your patio foundation look like it once did. And, they might even make suggestions on how to add interest to the patio. For example, the brick repair people might suggest that you enhance the foundation by combining something like flagstone or stone with the brick, perhaps surrounding the already established brick foundation with one or both of those materials. 

Furniture Repair - How about your patio furniture? If it is made of wrought iron or wood, you might simply need to paint it. Even people who aren't usually comfortable with doing their own handy-man chores can easily use spray paint to make outdoor furniture look like new again. If your furniture simply needs a new coat of paint, think about painting it a different color, just to make life interesting. Isn't it amazing how just one little change can add drama to an area?

For example, if the wrought iron furniture was black or dark green, think of painting it turquoise or yellow.If you have wooden patio furniture, think about painting it something like brick red or navy blue. Consider buying new seat cushions, too. For a striking patio, think of buying seat cushions of bold colors. For example, if you selected turquoise for your wrought iron furniture, think about buying cushions that have a colorful paisley design. If you bought navy blue spray paint for your wooden furniture, consider red, white and blue seat cushions to give your patio an Americana feeling.

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